Packaging - Our Eco Promise

When we were working hard, creating incredible-smelling soaps, having a whale of a time, we suddenly had to stop and think: Sh*t. What about packaging? 

There are SO many things to consider but a key one for us was the environment. 

We found that it isn't always easy to find packaging that's suitable for Soap and suitable for saving the planet though. 

An awful lot of businesses use single use plastics, cling film, vacuum bags, heat-wrap packaging and standard jiffy bags with bubble wrap - all which eventually seem to find their way to landfill. This made us sad. 

We spent many a long night developing our packaging, making sure that it was either recycled, recyclable, or even better; both. We also loved the idea of people being able to re-use our packaging for other things, whether its getting crafty, storing a few sneaky sweet treats or helping them find bedding for their hamsters! (Stay with us...) 

So, whenever you order our Soapy Bars, we make a pledge to you to send them in recycled or recyclable materials, regardless of how big your order is. 

Our gift boxes are made from cardboard, inside each soap is individually boxed in super handy and reusable cardboard cartons and to finish off we pack the boxes with shredded paper - this gives the soap some much needed extra protection, but is also recyclable or even reusable (especially if you have a little hamster friend who needs bedding..!) 

Any soap you order without a gift box will come in its own individual cardboard carton inside a recyclable jiffy bag. 

We don't want to clean hands and bodies but dirty the environment - so, like us, you can breathe easy knowing we're keeping an eye on the planet whilst making great Soapy Bits experiences. 


Get soapy now. 


Unfortunately, we cant offer the same great eco-conscious packaging to the range of skincare products we offer as these come from our suppliers direct - we're doing our best to twist their arm and make them focus on being green though!